What is PCBmodE?

PCBmodE is a Python script that takes input JSON files and converts them into an Inkscape SVG that represents a printed circuit board. PCBmodE can then convert the SVG it generated into Gerber and Excellon files for manufacturing.

How is PCBmodE different?

PCBmodE was conceived as a circuit design tool that allows the designer to put any arbitrary shape on any layer of the board; it is natively vector-based. PCBmodE uses open and widely used formats (SVG, JSON) together with open source tools (Python, Inkscape) without proprietary elements (Gerber is an exception). It also provides a fresh take on circuit design and opens new uses for the circuit board manufacturing medium.

PCBmodE uses stylesheets with CSS-like syntax. This seperates ‘style’ from ‘content’, similarly to the relationship of HTML and CSS.

PCBmodE is free and open source (MIT license).

What PCBmodE isn’t

PCBmodE is not a complete circuit design tool. It does not (currently) have a notion of schematics, have design rule checks, or support more than two layers.

PCBmodE is ‘alpha’ software and isn’t as user friendly as we’d like it to be, yet.